Minions, bakeries are really getting serious about this social distancing thing. First we had to stand 6 feet apart in line, now THIS:


That'll stop those germs!

 ...not to mention provide great TikTok content, someone please film this.

For anyone missing their boyfriends in quarantine, bakers have this helpful reminder:


 Actually, two reminders:

1) Don't drink and decorate

2) McDonalds delivers

And for anyone missing their cans of Lysol, Clorox wipes, and every other kind of cleaner because those jerk hoarders bought 'em all:


You know how Skittles' slogan is "Taste the rainbow"?

I wouldn't try that here.

You know how the universal sign for a bad year used to be a dumpster fire? 

It's nice that we can switch that up for 2020:


2020: Year of the Edible TP Roll. (Limit 1)

In fact, from what I can see just about every bakery that's still open is making - and immediately selling out of - TP cupcakes. Which just goes to show: you can take away our parties, our theme parks, our desire to wear anything but PJs, and even our toilet paper - but you can't take away our sense of humor. Keep laughin', minions! ::mwah::

 Thanks to Anony M., Katy M., & Stephanie S. for keeping Cake Wrecks on a roll.



Social Distancing Champion Tee


And from my other blog, Epbot:

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