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Mmm... shrimp and veggies mornay

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Spaghetti Vegetariani

Italian lentils, oven roasted tomatoes, spinach, tomato sauce Basil San Carlos Ave between Ocean and 7th Ave, Carmel, CA 93921

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2012-02-23 - Pasta with basil pesto - 0004

I had some pesto left over from last week's Pesto Chicken Pizza with Creamy Garlic Sauce, so I mixed it with some sauteed veggies (tomatoes, carrots, cauliflower) and put it on top of a batch of angel hair pasta....

A guide to veggie, legume pastas that add nutrition, not carbs

A guide to veggie, legume pastas that add nutrition, not carbs

September 18, 2018 -

Not only do they help us slash calories and carbs, vegetable-based pasta swaps immediately boost veggie intake for the day. Plus, they're naturally gluten-free. Eggplant is an easy, low-carb solution for dishes like manicotti, cannelloni or lasagna...

Okay you lovely people we are going to make a beautiful pasta dish we're going to make veggie polonaise this is from my new cookbook super food family classics we've taken one of the most classic family recipes spaghetti bolognaise and we've made it veggie it's really nutritious it's perfectly balanced it's three of your five fruit and veggie day which is fantastic

and it's big enough wonderful ways to get your protein without eating meat which is always really handy in modern day life so look we got two sticks of celery 2 carrots 2 onion 2 cloves of garlic I'm using 20 grams of dried porcini here that's the only sort of ingredient you've got to find really but they're in the supermarkets and this gives you the body of flavor right it's a really humble delicious meal

so a couple of tablespoons olive oil into a pan put that on a medium heat celery nice and fine we're going to slice up some garlic here and two sprigs of rosemary finely chopped 2 carrots 1/2 centimeter dice this is a rustic peasant dish and it's going to make you really really happy I'm using red onions you can use white if you want finely chop it we've got that on a medium heat and

I'm going to put a lid on I'll give that a little shake and just sort of slowly sweat that off without color for about 15-20 minutes before I kind of disappear I'm just going to cover the dried porcini that's very savory it's got a real deep incredible broth so this has had about 20 minutes now and it's just frying away nice and gently I can just turn the gas up a little bit hundred mils of Chianti goes in there let it cook away so while that's frying away and couple of leaves of bay leaves they can go in now let's just roughly chop these mushrooms these have rehydrated now it's only 20 grams guys but it's big flavor and,

we're going to go in with a broth now guys we're ending the frying process now often there's kind of little bits of grit discard that we're going to go in the tomatoes we bash those up and they'll fall apart as they cook I'm just going to put a swig of boiling water in each tin just swill it around so tomatoes are in now lentils they're brilliant they absorb flavor just like meat work so we're just going to break up some of those tomatoes and we're going to turn the heat back down to sort of medium and

I'm going to let that just kind of simmer and blip away for about 30 minutes and then I'll show you what to do next so let's have a little taste this is your opportunity to have a little season and and the Heat's off now and I can put a little parsley through this lovely ragu you could use basil if you wanted to you can mix it up or lovely marjoram or something like that in the pan next to it I have some pasta 80 grams per person I've traded up from white pasta spaghetti to whole wheat pasta three times the amount of fiber in whole wheat products more B vitamins so really really good so what

I'm going to do is steal a little bit of water I'm just adjusting the texture and I want it to be nice and loose so it just catches the pasta in a beautiful way that pasta has had it's sort of eight minutes now it's ready and raring to go so drain your pasta and just keep a little bit of that cooking water okay

I'll show you why in a minute so I'm just going to do a couple of portions of this look at that just mix it up Karma's on 15 grams or so the season of the parmesan just brings the lovely flavors together now it's starting to get thick now right and a bit claggy and that's not cool so we're going to add some of that cooking water and that's going to keep it nice and loose and gorgeous so

let's plate this up and before all the veggies start telling me off saying that parmesan is not vegetarian this is actually a cheese called Bella Lodi which is using a vegetarian rennet and it's very similar to Parmesan so here we go the lovely veggie Bolognese get in there mmm really good sort of slightly smoky from the rosemary and from the porcini sweet from the tomatoes and you got all the veg that's kind of just cooked into the lentils to be that kind of raggy sort of texture that we love please give it a go don't write it off until you've tried it if you want more inspiration then click the I box up there super healthy and super delicious and at the end of the day that's what it's all about

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