I could legitimately eat pizza every day of the week if left to my own devices. Yes, I'm a full-fledged adult, but tell me who doesn't love a warm, cheesy slice? I'll take it every which shape and style: a Neapolitan pie, a New York slice, a Detroit pan, a clammy New Haven riff, flammkuchen in German (or tarte flambée in French), a Korean corn and ranch variety, and yes, even—close your eyes, fellow New Yorkers!—a Chicago deep dish.

That's why, when I stumbled upon Nik Sharma's spice-forward version in his gorgeous debut cookbook, Season, I knew I'd hit upon a winner. His Margherita Naan Pizza is a clever Indian riff on a crowd-pleasing classic using bold, unconventional flavors like coriander and nigella seeds, and homemade naan as the chewy "crust." (I never saw pizza disappear so quickly in our office, something worth noting for the crust-averse.)


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