We've partnered with The Spice Hunter to bring you this week's Big Little Recipe, which always has the smallest-possible ingredient list and big, BIG everything else: flavor, ideas, holy-cow factor. Psst: We don't count water, salt, pepper, and certain fats (say, olive oil to dress greens or sauté onions), since we're guessing you have those covered. Here, we’re making Jamaican jerk roast chicken with fried plantains.

When I think about jerk chicken, I think about my Jamaican mom's version. She’s a fiery and outspoken woman and is full of pride and spice, just like her cooking. Every Sunday when I was growing up—like clockwork—she roasted a whole chicken, made a pot of rice and peas, and fried plantains for dinner. She’d season the bird in the morning, clean the house, run a few errands, and come back in the afternoon to finish up the cooking.


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