While I appreciate a green salad from time to time, I have a particular fondness for mayonnaise salads. That side of coleslaw that comes with a diner sandwich or a barbecue platter is never superfluous to me. I can polish off a whole bowl of chicken salad, and I subconsciously leave enough space on my plate for potato salad whenever I’m at a potluck or picnic. I sometimes even mix a dollop of mayonnaise into cold leftovers to make a sort of impromptu salad whenever I get sudden hunger pangs late at night.

One of my favorite types of mayonnaise salads is actually my favorite type of potato salad. Throughout South America, potato salad is referred to as ensalada rusa, or “Russian salad.” Cubes of cold potato get dressed in a generous amount of creamy (often homemade) mayonnaise, and the mixture is interspersed with perfect proportions of blanched diced carrots and peas.


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