Grandma’s Oatmeal Cookies

Here’s a classic, chewy Oatmeal Cookie! This was Grandma’s favorite oatmeal cookie recipe, made with oats, brown sugar, white sugar, flour, and shortening. Walnuts and raisins are optional.

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Imagine oatmeal raisin and chocolate chip cookies had a baby together. Now that baby has a steady income with a modest amount of savings, occasionally goes to bed at a reasonable time, and has a tailor (or at least knows someone who has a tailor). Enter these double chocolate oatmeal cookies with cranberries—a slightly more “grown-up” version of a chocolate chip oatmeal one.

My thought process for this recipe began with the classic oatmeal cookie, but then I wanted to add chocolate (because duh). And in the classic case of me being extra, I opted for two forms of chocolate: cocoa powder and semisweet chocolate. Dutch-process cocoa powder adds a smoother, slightly earthier flavor than its natural counterpart (though natural cocoa powder does work in this recipe), and it gives the dough a much deeper color. When it comes to the pieces of chocolate, I suggest baking wafers in the recipe, which are essentially large, flat chocolate chips, but you can use whatever shape you’re able to find.


* This article was originally published here

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Oatmeal Almond Butter Breakfast Cookies

Oatmeal Almond Butter Breakfast Cookies
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