Spring is just around the corner, or that’s what I keep telling myself. Which means we have a lot of snappy, happy produce to look forward to. Below are 11 spring vegetables I can’t wait to buy by the tote-full when the farmer’s market finally comes back to town. We’ll cover good-to-know tips (like how to store) and fun facts (to wow your friends at a party)—and share some of our favorite recipes, too.


Technically a thistle, an artichoke looks like a pine cone, prickly, jagged, and ready to ward off predators. That’s us. To get to the good stuff (the petals and heart), you have to put in a fair amount of work. Vegetable whisperer and author of Six Seasons Joshua McFadden calls them “a royal pain”—but once you master the technique, it’s like riding a bike. Just head here for some easy prep tips. What’s more: After you cook an artichoke, you need little more than mayo for dunking to have a wonderful dish.


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