We are slowly but surely approaching that chunk of winter when I want it to be spring already. Or, as Melissa Clark put it on Instagram the other day, the hearty vegetables that once seemed so comforting are now “wearing out their welcome.” Her solution: roasting fennel wedges until golden. Also helpful: throwing an obscene amount of herbs on anything, turning to cherry tomato recipes where the supermarket stuff fares just fine (like this creamy pasta sauce), and serving a highly acidic salad alongside whatever cozy thing you’re having for dinner. Here’s what our team is cooking up this week:

Sheet-Pan Chicken With Lots of Herbs

Sure, it’s a sheet-pan chicken with potatoes, which is as fall-slash-winter as you can get. But! The rest of the recipe is where you’ll start to feel fresh again. Briny olives, fresh lemon, chile flakes, and more fresh parsley and dill than you’d think. Think of them less like a garnish, more like a salad green.


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