Six Weekday Meals I’m Eating Right Now

Hello friends!  

Let’s take a break from formal baking recipes.  I’d like to show you what I’m eating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner these days.  The real deal.  Not fancy.  Very little sugar and gluten. Everyday delicious food.  

I’m putting some work into my health and diet these past few months.  It’s not a revamping of my New Year’s Resolution but rather a (deep-breath) real commitment to my health and my body as I learn how to combat the symptoms of my Stage IV endometriosis that I’ve really struggled with the past several years.  I’m using the food I eat more strategically, avoiding things like gluten, dairy, and white sugar for a bit / increasing things like beans and dark greens and nuts and seeds, to see if I can cut some of the pain and inflammation in my body.  

It’s been hard in some ways – because butter and gluten and sugar are such a huge part of my life.  It’s been easy in a lot of ways – because I can function with noticeably less puffiness and pain.

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