This is a perfectly lovely wedding cake, you guys. Perfectly lovely.



[side eye]

But I'm not the only one who sees it, right?



This little girl is thinking, "I can ALSO spell better than you, dude."


sharon ful.ow.i can swim misspellergergerg.jpg


Such a nice chocolate wine glass, and then...




When You Ask For A Rainbow, But Your Baker Is, Like, SUPER Lazy:



And finally, quite possibly the most inappropriate literal LOL I've ever featured:


This is why you really have to watch your phrasing in a bakery, minions. o.0


Thanks to Mackenzie K., Sharon F., Anony M., Ashly K., & Joanna M., who no doubt had some 'splaining to do at little Liana's party.


Hey, you know what's ALSO big and thick?


3D Bread Loaf Pillow

Hey, I'm on a roll. How could I not rise to the occasion?


And from my other blog, Epbot:

Two Best Tips.jpg

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