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Pecan Pie in Ice Cream Is Even Better than Ice Cream on Pecan Pie

Pie season is upon us. First, there was Thanksgiving, of course, but the entire stretch of winter holidays brings more and more pie. Which is perfectly fine with me. I love pie—eating it, baking it—but it is a bit of a labor of love. Unless you shape and freeze your crust, or make your dough in advance, baking a pie takes some time and elbow grease. But every time I do it, I remember why it’s worth the effort.

Pie is a study in contrast. A crisp, buttery, flaky crust cradles a soft filling of cooked fruit or silky custard or the gooey base of a pecan pie. Pie is good warm and exceptionally good cold. And pie practically cries out for a scoop of ice cream.


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