World Calligraphy Day

It’s World Calligraphy Day, minions, and lucky for you I’ve been watching lots of hand-lettering videos on Instagram. In fact, after a few minutes of watching other people write stuff REALLY pretty, I can safely say that I, too, am an expert at calligraphy.

Will I share some tips?



::pin drops::

::one person way in the back laughs awkwardly::

Now let’s see what handwriting advice our professional bakers have to offer! Remember, these are paid professionals, gang, so listen up.

1) Always lean in to your work:


Because it’s all downhill from here.

2) Really explore the studio space.

3) Swoopies. USE ‘EM.



5) Try accenting a few letters with a contrasting color.


It’ll be hilarious!

5) Of COURSE you can use the same piping tip for everything:


What are we, a piping-tip library? #10 Star Tip 4EVRRR

6) English is less of a rule and more of a “guideline.”

The important thing is that no one can read it anyway.

7) Line spacing is an acceptable form of artistic self expression… so GO NUTS.

8) When in doubt, remember many customers like their cakes the way they like their politics:


 Mildly sarcastic and just left of center.

(I can’t wait to see if John lets me keep that joke, you guys. FINGERS CROSSED.)

9) Finish off your masterpiece with some decorative flourishes around the border.


Mwah! Perfect!

Thanks to Rhonda T., Melissa B., Paul V., Amy L., Heather T., Jason D., Leann S., Jamie K., Lisa Y., & Theresa N. for the write stuff. 

Pretty Related Product Of The Day:


Happy Hand Lettering: A Guide

And from my other blog, Epbot:

Flip Up Cat Shelf.jpg

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