Let It Be Sunday, 227!

Hello friends.  

I’m back. We’re back.  We’re in it!  Summer snuck right up at me the last few weeks.  I spent a few good days in Toronto recently and wow TORONTO – you’re wonderful. Such nice people.  Such good food.  Such chic restaurants.  I’m smitten.    

I’ve got a boatload of Joy the Baker plans coming up the next few months which means more travel – I’m packing up to come see you and bake together.  It’s a hair-brained Bakehouse idea that’s really come to life, see the eighth link below.  

This week I’m testing a dozen or so summer recipes, light and fresh, that will make their way to this space over the next few weeks.  All things I want to enjoy by a pool.  Incidentally I called a meeting with my contractor next week where he’ll likely tell me that I’m stone-cold crazy for wanting to put a pool in my modest backyard.  Im content with the pool vibe snacks.  That’s much more reasonable.

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