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Breakfast Tacos Pull Into Brooklyn Heights Subway Station

I have been Texas for about 5 years now and notice that on every corner there is breakfast taco place, no# 1# business in texas. I grew up in a Mexican community in California and we never had breakfast tacos, we made them on home but was a breakfast burrito. but here hey use small flour tortillas and fold them like a taco, so hence came the word Breakfast Taco!

“For ‘Texplants,’ breakfast tacos are hard to find outside of Texas, and for New Yorkers it’s an alternative to the bacon, egg, and cheese,” Smith said. The cousins, who are also roommates, said they live around the corner from the subway station and passed by a “For Rent” sign inside the above-ground station for eight months before deciding to open the stand. Tacos come on either flour or corn tortillas and are topped with chopped cilantro, diced jalapenos and salsa that comes in hot, medium or mild

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