How to Choose the Right Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe

How to Choose the Right Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe

We've partnered with Bosch, makers of high-quality kitchen appliances like the induction slide-in range, to share clever tips and tricks that'll help you prepare a showstopping Thanksgiving turkey, no matter how much time you've got.

The turkey is the star of Thanksgiving, no question about it. Once it hits the table, you can guarantee that beautifully roasted bird will outshine any dish you put next to it. But making a turkey, especially if you're a first-timer, can be complicated. Should you brine it days ahead of time? Should you roast it whole or in parts? Should you make the gravy ahead of time, or wait for the pan drippings? Everybody and their mother has their own best way of roasting a turkey, and consulting the internet will only yield millions of search results that can make the matter even more confusing.


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