On behalf of Expert Village I'm Laura Banford. I'm going to show you how to make festive chicken casserole with fresh guacamole. We're going to poach our chicken breast, poaching is a way of cooking that uses liquid in this case water. The thing about being poached is our bone end skin on chicken breast we're going to simmer the chicken breast not boil, that's really important. Simmer the chicken breast with our aromatics vegetables and that's going to lead to a nice juicy chicken and it's perfect for the filling that we're going to make. So I have my pan heating I'm going to use two chicken breast put them skin down and then quickly add the aromatic vegetables and I'm also adding some fresh cilantro, water.

You don't want to totally submerge your breast in water you want to make it come out about half way up so that the meat is protruding a little bit from the water. I'm going to season it with some course salt and coursley ground pepper, I'm going to bring it up to a boil and then down to a simmer and we're going to cover these for about 20 minutes and when we come back I'll show you how to make our sauce..

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