A Foolproof Method for Juicy (Not-Dry!) Roast Turkey

A Foolproof Method for Juicy (Not-Dry!) Roast Turkey

In partnership with If You Care, we're highlighting recipes, tips, and videos that help take the pressure off this holiday season. Here, a low-maintenance Thanksgiving turkey recipe that's impossible to mess up (and never dry!) thanks to a clever trick: Roasting Bags.

Growing up in a Korean household, Thanksgivings were always a mishmash of East-meets-West foods: braised Korean short ribs; vegetable glass noodles known as japchae; and plenty of banchan side dishes like kimchi and pan-fried savory pancakes crowding the table alongside Stove Top Stuffing Mix (in later years replaced by Pepperidge Farm Herbed Seasoned Classic Stuffing); Entenmann's Pumpkin Pie (a favorite to this day); and a golden...chicken?


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