May is "Gifts From The Garden Month", minions, so let's see what garden-themed gifts our BAKERS have brought us.

::head tilt::



::head tilt the other way::



What... what is happening here.


Strawberry? Watermelon? Microbial migration?

The world may never know.


Well, if there's one gift we can always depend on from bakers, it's definitely carrot cake.

Yep, carrot cakes are always recognizable.

Just look for the circle of... fingers.

(Shhhh. There are innocents present.)


Sure, sometimes they get a little cold:

... and lumpy.


But grab them when they're fresh, and wreckerator carrots are hard to beat!

Bet you can't wait to get your hands on these, eh?

(Also now my title makes sense. YOU'RE WELCOME.)


Thanks to Carissa S., Erin R., Michelle L., Emma R., Sarah W., Vicki D., & Alisha M., who report that actually, they CAN wait.


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