Anxiety Attack: 6 Foods That Can Calm You Down Turkey is high in protein, low in fat and filled with iron, zinc, potassium, Vitamin B6 and can even help to lower you cholesterol levels. All good reasons to swap out bacon for turkey bacon. And yes, there is a reason why you’re pretty sleepy on Thanksgiving after consuming a turkey leg. Tryptophan is an ingredient in it that helps to activate serotonin; that is what makes you feel calm.

All of us go through moments when we feel anxious. Usually, it’s when we’re about to have a new experience (like maybe a pregnancy) or we’re stepping into the unknown (like a job interview). We feel restless and maybe even a little stressed out. It’s normal.

But if you're consistently feeling heart palpitations or tension headaches, you’re drinking to distract yourself or you’re having long bouts of insomnia, you might be having panic attacks. That’s something you need to seeyour doctor about.

The next time someone offers you a cup of chamomile tea, don’t turn them down. It eases stomach cramps, can relieve migraines, decrease skin inflammation (including what’s associated with acne) and fight insomnia too! A cup before turning in will soothe you. But to get the best results, drink 3-4 cups throughout the day and then one an hour or so before bedtime. You’ll sleep more soundly if you do.


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