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In the bowl of a stand mixer, or in a large bowl using a hand mixer, cream together the butter and sugar until light and fluffy, about 3 to 5 minutes. Spoon one-half of the batter into a greased 9-inch-square baking pan, then layer with half of the topping. Bake until the coffee cake is puffed and golden and a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean, about 45 minutes.


How to make a great coffeecake, plus some useful oven tips

http://www.trbimg.com/img-57bcebe6/turbine/la-dd-sour-cream-coffeecake-recipe-20160823-snapYou’ll love the subtle tang and light texture of this simple coffee cake recipe from Heirloom Bakery and Cafe in South Pasadena. Brown sugar, cinnamon,
pecans and chocolate chips form a crumbly topping that marbles the cake throughout. A slice is sure to brighten any morning.

Do you know if your oven is baking or roasting at the right temperature? Oven calibration can make or break a recipe, particularly when it comes to baking.  Check out the video below for quick tips on checking your oven for accuracy, as well as getting the most out of your oven when you use it (such as where to bake the coffeecake for even heating):



Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf




Breakfast Burritos [Vegan]An insanely delicious and easy vegan breakfast burrito loaded with roasted potatoes, seasoned tofu scramble, browned breakfast patties, and cheddar cheese. Tofu scramble recipe adapted from Isa Chandra. read more at naturallyella.com

Vegan Breakfast BurritosIf you miss those hearty egg-based breakfast burritos you used to eat before you went vegan, take a bite of these vegan burritos made with “scrambled” tofu, black beans, and salsa. For a real treat, serve these burritos with my Fast Tomatillo Jam. naturallyella.com

naturallyella.comDenver Breakfast Club: Vegetarian burrito at The DistrictThe vegetarian breakfast burrito with green chile is a knockout dish at The District in Denver. (Photo by William Porter) On some mornings, the only way to start the day is with a breakfast burrito — especially here in the northermost city of the Southwest. Continued

Montreal’s Aux Vivres’ All-New “Vegan Breakfast Burrito” Is Something To Die ForMcDonald’s piddly (and always floppy) little basic bitch breakfast burritos have absolutely nothing on the newest morning Mexican-ish meal you can get on St. Laurent street. Hearty, healthy, and fairly priced, Aux Vivre’s latest vegan creation will … Vegan burrito shells 1/2 brick extra firm tofu Smart Bacon: http://www.lightlife.com/Vegan-Food-V…

An insanely delicious and easy vegan breakfast burrito loaded with roasted potatoes, seasoned tofu scramble, browned breakfast patties, and cheddar cheese. Stir well to coat evenly and bake at 400 F for about 40 minutes, until fork tender. In a large rimmed frying pan, heat 1 Tbsp. olive oil over medium-low.

http://www.denverpost.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/20150421__p_81b10b25-1788-4c60-8b1a-0e9ebc052db1lsoriginalph.jpg?w=300&h=225 The vegetarian breakfast burrito with green chile is a knockout dish at The District in Denver. (Photo by William Porter) On some mornings, the only way to start the day is with a breakfast burrito — especially here in the northermost city of the Southwest. There’s a reason we refer to the squat pile of cinderblocks as “the bunker.” When 9 a.m. rolled around, we were ready for breakfast.


cnn.comShop for substitutes: Stock up on at least three foods that can replace meat in many dishes. Combine proteins: In as many meals as you can this week, swap half the meat with an equal serving of plant protein; mix chickpeas with half the usual amount of chicken, say, or black beans with half the ground beef. Week 2: Embrace meatless meals Your goal this week is to add in five purely vegetarian dishes.

Cutting down on animal protein does more than slash calories — it lowers your cholesterol and blood pressure, as well as your risks of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. The vegetables, legumes, and whole grains that will replace the meat help shield you from developing these chronic diseases, too. “Plants are nature’s pharmacy,” says Kate Geagan, RD, author of Go Green Get Lean ($5, amazon.com). “They’re brimming with protective nutrients and antioxidants that you just can’t get from animals.” You don’t have to go full vegetarian — our plan ups your plant protein without depriving you of that Saturday-night steak.

Cheap Low-Carb Foods



Following a healthy low-carb diet can help you shed excess pounds — but if you’re not careful, you might notice your bank account looking a little smaller, too. Cheap Low-Carb Foods

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Avoid packaged foods, including precut veggies and packaged salads, since these often have a higher cost per serving than veggies you prepare yourself. And save costs by combining fresh and frozen veggies — for example, topping a fresh spinach salad with sauteed frozen veggies, instead of using only fresh produce in your salads.


If you’re on a more permissive low-carb diet — meaning you can eat 40 or more grams of carbs per day — stock up on legumes, like lentils, as a source of protein. One-half cup of cooked lentils contains 12 grams of net carbs and 9 grams of protein, and costs just pennies per serving. Save extra money by buying dried lentils, instead of the slightly more convenient, but costlier, canned version.

You already know that veggies make up the foundation of a low-carb diet, but fresh produce can get costly, especially if you’re selecting produce that’s out of season. Save your cash by reaching for frozen veggies whenever possible. They’re flash-frozen at the peak of freshness, so they offer the same health benefits as fresh vegetables, and they’re available at a relatively low price year-round. And because frozen veggies have a longer shelf life than their fresh counterparts, you’ll waste less money via food waste.


Stick to fibrous veggies — a group that includes lower-calorie veggies, including spinach, broccoli and cauliflower — to keep your carbs low. One-third of a 10-ounce package of frozen broccoli, for example, has just 2 grams of net carbs — the type of carbs that get digested and increase your blood sugar. A cup of frozen cauliflower has just 3 grams of net carbs, and a serving of four frozen asparagus spears supplies just 1 gram.



 Anxiety Attack: 6 Foods That Can Calm You Down

http://a2.fanbread.com/uploads/listicle/featured_image/44840/large_cropped_GettyImages-481968092.jpg? Turkey is high in protein, low in fat and filled with iron, zinc, potassium, Vitamin B6 and can even help to lower you cholesterol levels. All good reasons to swap out bacon for turkey bacon. And yes, there is a reason why you’re pretty sleepy on Thanksgiving after consuming a turkey leg. Tryptophan is an ingredient in it that helps to activate serotonin; that is what makes you feel calm.

All of us go through moments when we feel anxious. Usually, it’s when we’re about to have a new experience (like maybe a pregnancy) or we’re stepping into the unknown (like a job interview). We feel restless and maybe even a little stressed out. It’s normal.

But if you’re consistently feeling heart palpitations or tension headaches, you’re drinking to distract yourself or you’re having long bouts of insomnia, you might be having panic attacks. That’s something you need to seeyour doctor about.

The next time someone offers you a cup of chamomile tea, don’t turn them down. It eases stomach cramps, can relieve migraines, decrease skin inflammation (including what’s associated with acne) and fight insomnia too! A cup before turning in will soothe you. But to get the best results, drink 3-4 cups throughout the day and then one an hour or so before bedtime. You’ll sleep more soundly if you do.



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It’s zucchini season, and we’re spotting green and yellow summer squash everywhere we go. Courgettes, as I call them, are a seasonal favorite with delicate flavor, and they are versatile veggies that work well in all sorts of dishes. To prepare these cheesy crisps, I thinly slice the zucchini into medallions, coat them in crunchy panko-Parmesan crumbs, and then bake them to crispy perfection. These are the ultimate crunchy summertime snack. Recipe: Oven-Baked Zucchini Parmesan Crisps — Snack Recipes from The Kitchn

thumbnail courtesy of thekitchn.comhttp://atmedia.imgix.net/bab4925ba7912ccd349be2b5c633e63775297441?auto=compress&w=800.0&h=1066.6666666666667&fit=crop&crop=bottom

Courgettes, as I call them, are a seasonal favorite with delicate flavor, and they are versatile veggies that work well in all sorts of dishes. To prepare these cheesy crisps, I thinly slice the zucchini into medallions, coat them in crunchy panko-Parmesan crumbs, and then bake them to crispy perfection. Bake a batch of these crisps and serve them at your next summer get-together — or get in your jammies and munch the night away while watching your favorite flick.

With its subtle flavor, zucchini is a great substitute for potatoes in this homemade “chip” recipe. But even though we are talking about zucchini here, the Parmesan definitely steals the show, providing great cheesy flavor and crunch.




health-flash.comI have working this diet for about 4 weeks now – symptoms I was having to run to the restroom, and then a couple days later not going atg all, then normal. But the latest symptoms are cramps at night while sleeping in my calf area, and a mild but continuous headacheo.

You can lose weight quickly and permanently without any health risks, but quite the other way round – with lots of additional benefits. The simple solution to your problem with the few extra pounds that simply make your life miserable is the no carb diet. Still, it is worth mentioning that the carbohydrates cannot be restricted to none, but to the very bare minimum possible.le is the no carb diet. No Carb Diet – Learn What Foods to Eat on a No Carb Diet Menu Plan

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The no carb diet works quite simply to solve any type of obesity problem. By reducing the main nutrient providing energy to your body, it will automatically start using its sources of compiled fats as well as the ones you intake and turn them to carbohydrates to give you the necessary energy. This method has been tested and proven to work. Your body will be forced to burn fat very quickly, which aids the fast weight loss. The bad cholesterol in your blood vessels will be reduced while the blood sugar levels will be effectively regulated. The lower blood pressure is also a great benefit. You can expect to have reduced cravings, positive emotions, better brain activity and more energy if you use this nutritional plan.

health-flash.comThe best way to go about the no carb diet is to identify the foods that do not contain any carbohydrates. These are the meats and some leafy green vegetables such as lettuce and spinach. Still, in order to preserve the meat in its most beneficial state you have to bake it or grill it – frying is a bad idea. The only drink that is carb free is water. As you can see your choice if very restricted, but you can consume some foods that are very low in carbohydrates so that you have diversity in your meals. The apples and apricots, the eggs, butter and blue cheese are fine choices. If you have severe bread cravings you can easily buy or bake a low carb one.

5 Square Low-Carb Meals: The 20-Day Makeover Plan with Delicious Recipes for Fast, Healthy Weight Lo – YouTube


You can start having the no carb diet today without any hassle. The food products are easily available and are quite tasty. You will enjoy the meals and not feel starved in any way. Most importantly, you will slim down fast plus become much healthier. The optimal results will come in the most pleasant possible way. The truth is that nothing can be better than this.



Kim’s weight loss secrets were cardio exercise and the low carb … Looking back, Kim admits she was envious of women who lost weight right after birth. Kim Kardashian Bikini Body Weight Loss, Booty Stun: Low Carb Diet And Workout Tips

thumbnail courtesy of celebrityhealthfitness.com

The 5-foot-2 Kim, who weighed 200 pounds while pregnant, recently said she now weighs about 123 pounds.

Kardashian looked skinnier than ever in a tiny nude bikini that spotlighted her slimmed-down waist and curvy butt.

Low carb, high-fat diets like the Atkins and ketogenic diets accelerate weight loss by encouraging the body to burn fat for fuel, said obesity expert


Maria Emmerich, author of Quick & Easy Ketogenic Cooking.

Limiting carbs and eating more healthy fats curbs hunger, boosts energy and controls cravings, explained Dr. Eric Westman, co-author of Keto Clarity and New Atkins For a New You.

“I was so jealous of women who had these cute little baby bellies and would gain 25 pounds and then, a few weeks after giving birth, somehow look exactly like they did before they were pregnant,” said Kardashian

Detailed Weekly Meal Plan


Her goal is to share her passion for healthy eating and natural living alongside the daily challenges and triumphs of motherhood. Detailed Weekly Meal Plan (August)

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