15-Minute French Bread <a  href=Pizza Is Even Faster (Tastier!) than Delivery" style="width: 100%" />

15-Minute French Bread Pizza Is Even Faster (Tastier!) than Delivery

There are so many ways to satisfy pizza cravings: super-cheesy deep dish pies, crispy cauliflower versions, grilled and ranch-drizzled, or even saucy swirled breads. Honestly, I like them all. But the version I make most often is a little less traditional—French Bread Pizza—you know, the Stouffer's frozen food.

I loved eating French Bread Pizza (FBP for short) as a kid. The cheese-covered, tomato sauce-drenched open-faced loaf was like a fancified Hot Pocket with the convenience of a frozen pizza—a kid and busy parent’s dream meal. I still crave frozen FBP when I’m feeling nostalgic, but, nowadays, I turn to my homemade version. It’s faster than delivery, easier than traditional homemade ‘za, and just as comforting as my childhood classic.


Make Tomato Soup Tonight, With the Help of Your Pantry

Make Tomato Soup Tonight, With the Help of Your Pantry

We've partnered with Muir Glen to celebrate the season with recipes, tips, and videos that making holiday entertaining easy, elegant, and totally stress-free. Up first: Cozy tomato soup combos that make a perfect in-between-parties bite.

Tomato soup is my desert island food. As in, the single dish I’d bring if I knew I were going to be stranded. I’d take the classic version I make once a week in the winter, which to me is the edible equivalent of sitting near a crackling fire, wrapped in a soft flannel blanket, reading a really addictive mystery novel.


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