13 Treasured Family Recipes that Bring Us Together

13 Treasured Family Recipes that Bring Us Together

There’s a certain comfort in the repetitiveness of my family’s Thanksgiving menu. My dad always smokes the turkey, my aunt always brings two gigantic Doberge cakes, and my mom always makes Spinach Madeline.

As a kid, Spinach Madeline was the combination of two things I despised: spinach and spicy things. But my mom and her army of conspirators (my aunts and uncles) insisted it be on our Thanksgiving table. They had been eating it for decades—my mom remembers sprinkling breadcrumbs over creamy green-filled trays as a little girl, graduating to preparing the entire dish solo by the time she was in middle school. Over years and years of tiny bites, I learned to accept my mom’s favorite holiday dish. And, now that I’m older, I appreciate how she stuck to tradition.


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